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From "Thomas Mueller" <thomas.tom.muel...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Question on jcr:deref usage
Date Fri, 24 Nov 2006 08:53:43 GMT

> So it seems that due to the limitation of JCR (no aggregation query
> support).

I think there are two solutions: Add the missing features to the JCR
API, and provide the missing features in some other way. Do you have a
suggestion how to extend the API to support the features you like to
have (seems to be: aggregation, join, ordering)?

One option is to make the structured part of the JCR repository
accessible like a 'standard' SQL database. Existing (SQL based) report
generators could then be used as well. If you could access the data
stored in the repository using the JDBC API using the following SQL
query, would this provide the convenience you are looking for?

select m.uuid from manual m, product p, region r
where p.uuid = m.product and r.uuid = m.region
and p.name in ('TV', 'VCR', 'DVD')
and r.name in ('North America', 'Europe')
and p.availableFor in ('distributor', 'repairHouse')
order by r.name, p.name

My idea is to add support for 'jcr views' to my database

> #2. The RDBMS based repository, current DB schema is not very convincing
> for large enterprise level applications. A more normalized schema might
> help both performance and #1, but yes, more DB level code may be needed
> (for performance's sake) and that may limit the portability of the
> product.

If you want to integrate other products in the DB schema level, then
the current schema may not be the best. However I don't think it was
the idea that other software accesses the schema of Jackrabbit


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