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From "Thomas Mueller" <thomas.tom.muel...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Advantages of building tree structure
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2006 13:59:57 GMT

JCR can be compared to a file system, and it can be compared to a
database. Content in file systems is traditionally organized quite
hierarchical. Some file system (for example NTFS, the Windows file
system) have problems when you try to put too many files in the same
folder. Also it is not convenient when browsing.

In databases however, data is traditionally organized very flat (many
rows per table). It is understandable that people with databases in
mind will first try to use a very flat structure.

> I realise this would result in a flatter tree structure, which I've read
> elsewhere is not handled so well by jackrabbit.  What's the reason for this?

I think currently Jackrabbit keeps the ids of all child nodes in
memory. Data browsing tools probably do the same, so it is not only a
Jackrabbit problem.


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