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From Paul J DeCoursey <p...@decoursey.net>
Subject Re: Storing multi-part documents in repository
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2006 17:29:58 GMT
David Moss wrote:
> Hi,
> This isn't strictly a Jackrabbit issue, but is related to the way I 
> use it
> and I hope will be familiar to anyone who's used jackrabbit for a CMS or
> similar.
> I'm looking to store both single, and multi-part documents (e.g. html 
> page,
> with referenced images) within the repository and then serve these out 
> from
> the repository as part of a web application.  My first thoughts are to 
> store
> the document dependencies as child nodes of the main document node.
> However, I don't think storing the data is a problem.  The difficulty is
> with how best to retrieve it.
> If, for example, I simply pull an HTML document from the repository and
> stream it to a user's browser in response to a click, the links within 
> that
> document to its dependent images etc are invalid.  How can I retrieve 
> these
> as well?
> Does anyone have any thoughts on the best approach to this problem?
> I reckon I could either retrieve the files from the repository into a
> temporary directory, and serve them back to the client from there,
> or write a filter to attempt to retrieve any unrecognised url / url that
> matches a mask from the repository returning the document if found, or 
> 404
> if not.
> Neither of these seems like a neat solution.
> If it's useful, I'm using JSF for the user interface etc.
> Thanks
> Dave.
I think the solution needs to be rewriting the HTML on storage.  I am 
assuming that at some point you parse the html to get the list of linked 
images, at that point you will want to rewrite the references in the html.


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