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From Dan Connelly <dsconne...@adelphia.net>
Subject Multiple sessions updating the same workspace
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2006 15:32:52 GMT
I want to implement code where one JVM Thread had multiple Sessions, 
each of which updates the same Workspace.

Each session has its own sub-tree under the root node.   There will be 
no updates that conflict (logically).    There may be hanging references 
(briefly) but these will be handled gracefully.

Each Session will save it state once in turn (serially) after the last 
state change .   After the last Session has done its save, then there 
will be a remaining single Session that will resolve paths into 
references across the entire Workspace.   That is the first place that 
complete visibility of all updates is needed.   Partial updates (thus, 
hanging references) are a pain but will be handled gracefully.   There 
will be no Transactions and no Locking.

What are the conditions (if any) that would prevent any one of these 
Sessions from executing its save?

Does this change if each Sessions runs in its own Thread?   In this 
case, it may not be possible to determine that state changes are 
globally complete across the set of sessions.

       -- Dan Connelly

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