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From Dietmar Gräbner <d.graeb...@berlinger.cc>
Subject Re: Probles with WabDav in IE
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2006 07:22:29 GMT

I had the same problem accessing repository content with ie, windows 
explorer and word. The webdav request sent to server looks different for 
ie respectively windows explorer and ms word. I'm sorry that I can't 
remember the exact solution for the problem, but I think explorer and ie 
produce multiple request - one for the "containing folder" and one for 
the file node.

An easy way to find out the difference between ie and word requests is 
to trace the locator in the constructor DavResourceImpl.java in the 
WebDav Servlet implementation.

best regards


KÖLL Claus schrieb:
> Hi!
> I want to open a link to the webdav servlet / document (for example
> http://myhost/jackrabbit-server-1_0/repository/default/this.doc <blocked::http://myhost/jackrabbit-server-1_0/repository/default/this.doc>
). But if this URL is opened by
> Internet Explorer and then MS Word launched in the ie, the document will be opened as
> local copy and so no webdav support is given.
> If I open this document directly with MS Word by URL it is opened as a
> webdav document and it can directly be saved back on the server.
> Has anybody the same Problem ? Is it a Problem of the Webdav Servlet or is it a configuration
Problem of the ie ??
> thanks 
> claus

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