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From Dan Connelly <dsconne...@adelphia.net>
Subject ThirdHop, but structured NodeTypes
Date Sun, 05 Nov 2006 17:37:56 GMT

Is there an example (or a test case) showing importation of a Doc View 
into a workspace where the doc elements are matched to registered node 
types (and attributes to properties)?

If the docroot for the imported document is set programatically (like 
"/importxml" in ThirdHop), does this node need to be a created from a 
registered node type that has explicitly defined childNodes to match the 
elements of the document?   Or, can /importxml be nt:unstructured and 
still have all of its children imported as defined node types?

On my first reading of the WorkspaceImporter.java code it seems that the 
matching rules (xml matched to node types) are fairly complex.   Are 
these rules documented for Jackrabbit?   (Importation rules do not 
appear to be part of the JCR spec.)

       -- Dan Connelly

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