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From "Stefan Guggisberg" <stefan.guggisb...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Security problem with QueryManager?
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2006 10:11:58 GMT
On 10/6/06, Ottinger, Joseph <jottinger@techtarget.com> wrote:
> Ah ha! That's definitely better than I was afraid of... but how does one go about configuring
this properly? (Any documentation for mere mortals anywhere?)

jsr-170 (JCR 1.x) does not cover access control management, i.e. assigning
and managing access rights is vendor-specific.

jsr-283 (JCR 2.x) will probably cover access control management by defining
a standard api for managing access rights.

jackrabbit supports pluggable custom access control  through the
AccessControlManager interface. currently there's only a dummy implementation
available in jackrabbit, so you'd have to roll your own.


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> From: Stefan Guggisberg [mailto:stefan.guggisberg@gmail.com]
> Sent: Fri 10/6/2006 5:52 AM
> To: users@jackrabbit.apache.org
> Subject: Re: Security problem with QueryManager?
> On 10/5/06, Ottinger, Joseph <jottinger@techtarget.com> wrote:
> > I was playing around with JCR's query facility and realised something a little scary.
Perhaps I'm just ignorant, but... hey, that's why I email the list, right?
> >
> > When I build SQL queries, I do something like this: "select * from nt:unstructured
where foo='"+bar+"'";
> >
> > Oh, wait. If I was actually using JDBC, I'd *never* do this, because some fool out
there will try to set bar to something that will return more than I want it to return. To
wit: bar might equal "a' or 1=1" and lo, every node will be returned. Application error at
best, exposure of sensitive data at worst.
> >
> > Then I thought, well, hey, I have XPath, right? But in XPath, I can construct a
query the same way. Hello, security hole.
> >
> > Am I missing something?
> well, unlike databases JCR *does* provide fine-grained access control, i.e. the
> user will only get those results which he has read-access on.
> cheers
> stefan
> >

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