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From Srepfler Srgjan <srgjan.srepf...@lnksystem.com>
Subject Where does JCR fit in JEE?
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2006 11:38:00 GMT
I've learned of the JCR spec through the onjava article that went up on 
line this month 
I have a small personal project of mine to make something like the 
deviantart.com community (images, skins, comments, ratings, galleries, 
moderation etc etc) except that I wanted to do it in java and to use OR 
stuff like EJB3/JPA/Hibernate. I already have a decent model of the 
domain as I envisioned it and I was about to start making the service 
layer when I read this article. This being my second incarnation of this 
small project I know what I did before in order to persist a file on 
file system, name collision, and other problems so indeed having 
something that would allow me to do these things transparently does seem 
nice except that I somehow got the idea that if I decide to go the OR 
route it's overlapping with the JCR route. I mean, I either use the 
entitymanager or a JCR service layer but I don't see why/how would I use 
both. I have implemented the DAO pattern so I can switch between 
persistence layers but to me it seems the two approaches are mutually 
exclusive. Can someone give me advice what's the best way to combine 
these two technologies and how to get the most of both worlds? Second 
question, can I "butcher" jackrabbit in order to take out the core that 
handles the persistence stuff because I want to do all presentation 
stuff on my own (that is, is there a clean core module that I can 
integrate with my app)?
Thanks, Srgjan

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