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From Riyaz Mansoor <riyaz.mans...@gmail.com>
Subject [newbie] using jackrabbit
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2006 07:00:19 GMT


i've just joined this list and have been reading about jackrabbit for a
coupla days.

i have a scenario and wanted to know if jackrabbit would be appropriate
to use in this situation (or slightly altered situation)

i need to build a simple bill payment system. when a bill is recieved it
is scanned.

1) log the scanned bill { date, due-date, from, desc, scanned-bill }
2) bill is verified by person who recieved goods/service { by-reciever,
3) payment is authorised { by-person, date }
4) check generated and sent { check-no, date }

an audit trail that stores who entered the day would be a big bonus.
am thinking of RDBMS system for a backend

could this be quickly done with jackrabbit?


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