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From "Ottinger, Joseph" <jottin...@techtarget.com>
Subject RE: PersistenceManagers Benchmark
Date Sat, 28 Oct 2006 02:17:22 GMT
Incidentally, I'm still in the process of working on the JCR benchmark.
I have a set of elements stored, in a set of documents (text), a set of
audio files (streams), and a large number of, well, numbers. Still some
synchronization problems, as I'm having to work out how locks work in
JCR (hey, I just started writing the thing today, and I think I know
where the issue is.)

Writing is only the first step, of course. Reading, querying are next.

Initial results on stores, though, show the filesystem as being
*slightly* faster than the RDMS, with BDB integration still on its way.
Stores are likely to be far more rare than reads and queries, so this
data isn't worth a lot yet.

Alexandru and I will probably have a project set up on googlecode or
java.net soon so everyone can participate.

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From: Nicolas [mailto:ntoper@gmail.com] 
Sent: Friday, October 27, 2006 5:57 PM
To: users@jackrabbit.apache.org
Subject: Re: PersistenceManagers Benchmark

Hi Marcin,

I think they were discussing about the importXML method (available in
Workspace and Session classes). If my understanding of Jackrabbit is
correct, those methods allow specifically to import some XML in a


On 10/27/06, Marcin Nowak <marcin.j.nowak@comarch.com> wrote:
> As far as I know atomic parsing of nodes from XML is not available a 
> this moment in JackRabit, am I right?
> BR,
> Marcin Nowak
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> From: robert burrell donkin [mailto:robertburrelldonkin@gmail.com]
> Sent: Friday, October 27, 2006 1:41 PM
> To: users@jackrabbit.apache.org
> Subject: Re: PersistenceManagers Benchmark
> On 10/27/06, Marcin Nowak <marcin.j.nowak@comarch.com> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Regarding stress tests, I need to know where are the limitations of 
> > importing XML's and where is a huge memory usage coming from.
> transactional importing of xml data is always going to be memory 
> intensive
> the memory used in binding could be reduced by (say) custom SAX 
> handling or pull parsing the input stream so long as each node were 
> saved atomically
> - robert
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