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From Nicolas Modrzyk <nicolas.modr...@macnica.com>
Subject Persisting beans in the content repository
Date Tue, 10 Oct 2006 01:05:07 GMT
Hi All,

We've developed something called a bean coder for our application.  
We've made it open source in case other people would want to use it.
With it, you can easily persist some java beans to the repository,  
and retrieve them at any time.

The pretty cool thing is that it plays nicely with the repository  
searches facility so that you can quickly and easily retrieve some  
persisted objects from list or maps.

A short tutorial is available at the following URL:

Not sure this is suitable for everyone, especially developers  
concerned with more complete solutions (like ..?), but this has been  
working very well so far in our production environment, so just felt  
like we should contribute back something to the community.


Nicolas & John,

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