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From Philip Q <p.li...@partylemon.com>
Subject Setting up search
Date Mon, 25 Sep 2006 11:41:39 GMT

I'm trying to get searching going on a repository and before I start 
banging my head against the wall, I'm trying to figure some things out:

1. There are two (major) custom nodetypes in the repository, one 
designed to store plain-text data, the other is designed to store binary 
data (just in properties of those nodetypes).
Do I need to do anything special to convince Jackrabbit to index these 
nodes? What about processing the binary data with the textfilters?

2. How would I search the binary data? Would a standard XPath query work 
on it as-if it was plain-text (assuming it was an PDF/Word/parseable file)?

3. Since I can't do a full-text query with the JCR/Jackrabbit interface, 
but I assume I can just use Lucene to open the index. If I did, what 
field(s) would I need to query, and what kind of path would I get back? 
(A pointer to the source code that does this would also be very helpful).



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