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From "David Nuescheler" <david.nuesche...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: subproperties
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2006 13:09:47 GMT
Hi Roberto,

> does JSR-170 and Jackrabbit support SubProperties?
Let's call it "more restrictive constraints" on a property
of a derived node type. Is that roughly accurate?

Looking at your example this may be what you are
looking for. Correct?

> This is a simplification of the scenario I would like to define:
> [rf:Organization] > mix:referenceable, nt:base
>  - rf:OrganizationName (string) mandatory
> [rf:University] > rf:Organization
> [rf:Person] > mix:referenceable, nt:base
>  - rf:worksFor (reference)
>    < *'rf:Organization'*
> [rf:Professor] > rf:Person
>  - rf:worksFor (reference)
>    < *'rf:University'
> *I get a NodeTypeConflictException while registering them. Any
> workaround solutions?*

> does JSR-170 and ...
JCR v1.0 (aka JSR-170) does not specify if this is possible or not,
since it does not deal with the node type registration in general.

I agree that your example makes sense and it would be
desirable that a repository could handle that. There is certainly
nothing in JCR that prohibits a repository from doing that.

> ...Jackrabbit support SubProperties?
... again let's call it: "more restrictive constraints on a
property of a derived node type" ;)
[ At first I misinterpreted your subject the same way
Nico did ;) ]

I think this a tricky topic to tackle in general,
but in the case reference property it certainly would make
sense. I think the current Jackrabbit implementation is too
restrictive / cautious in that respect. Maybe you want to
submit a JIRA Issue or even contribute a suggested patch.


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