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From "Sean Dynan" <seandy...@bigfoot.com>
Subject Newbie seeking a leg up
Date Mon, 04 Sep 2006 00:08:16 GMT
Hi all

I am just starting to investigate Jackrabbit as the content repository
for an application and some advice from the experts would seriously
speed up my evaluation.

The problem domain in question is somewhat similar to a corporate mail server:
 - Large user base
 - Frequent user reads and writes, mostly of text and
   images. By 'frequent' I mean usage on a par with an
   email client

Where it differs from the mail server comparison:
 - Users can query the repository by keyword and expect
   rapid results (think Google)
 - Users can query each other's information stores
 - No upper bound to the physical size of the repository

Right now, I don't envisage a deep-noded store. Think of many Items,
each containing content and a little bunch of metadata (e.g. datetime,
list of keywords, etc.). The email analogy would be many email
messages, each with a body and a header.

I am also thinking of implementing each user's content store as a
Workspace. Each workspace would have two top-level nodes hanging from
its root: Private and Public. Then each of those two nodes would
contain many, many content Items.

Is there anything so far that wouldn't be well served by building on
top of Jackrabbit?

Am I right in assuming (given my ideas above) that cross-workspace
queries are perfectly possible, and that all that is required is a
separate, logged-in Session to each one?

Can you envisage any issues (performance or otherwise) with my
pitifully meagre outline? Any sage words of advice on how to best
start architecting my repository?

Many thanks!
Sean Dynan

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