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From "Jukka Zitting" <jukka.zitt...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: cannot login to remote repository
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2006 21:54:32 GMT

On 9/19/06, Vikas Bhatia <vik002@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 9/19/06, Vikas Bhatia <vik002@gmail.com> wrote:
> > I am trying to login to a remote repository using a rmi client. I know
> > that port 1099 on the remote machine is accepting connection and there are
> > no firewall issues but my code fails at
> > session = repository.login (credentials, "testrep");
> > [...]
> > It seems that the client is trying to connect to the local machine for
> > some reason.
> > On debugging this is what I see in the ServerRepository_Stub remote
> > instance "ServerRepository_Stub[UnicastRef [liveRef: [endpoint:[
> >](remote),objID:[-306a124b:10dc6b3cde5:-8000, 0]]]]"
> >
> > So the remote repository is getting bound to Is this a bug or
> > am I missing something?
> [...]
> The same everything worked fine on a separate WinXP server box. So if there
> are any linux firewall/port blocking/port releasing gurus here, tips
> appreciated.

This is most likely not a firewall issue, but a failure of your JVM to
get the correct hostname or IP address of the server. You can force
the server JVM to use a specific hostname or IP address instead of the
default by using the "java.rmi.server.hostname" system
property. See http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.2/docs/guide/rmi/javarmiproperties.html
for the details.


Jukka Zitting

Yukatan - http://yukatan.fi/ - info@yukatan.fi
Software craftsmanship, JCR consulting, and Java development

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