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From "David Nuescheler" <david.nuesche...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: question about version removing
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2006 15:36:19 GMT
Hi Alexander,

> Tried it in first place but encountered one problem - removing last version
> throws  VersionException with message "Unable to remove version. At least
> once referenced" and
Looking at your source code, it seems to me that you still have the node
checked-out in the workspace while trying to remove the base version of
that node.
Since the node uses a reference property to refer to the base version
I think the above exception is correct and to be expected.

Have you tried to remove the node before trying to remove the versions
from the version history?
(And I believe that it is pointless to remove "mix:versionable".)

> removing jcr:rootVersion throws "Removal of
> {http://www.jcp.org/jcr/1.0}rootVersion not allowed."
> That makes at least two constant record of all removed nodes as informational
> garbage in JCR repository. (in a long run it produces lot's and lot's of
> records in persistance storage)
It is true that using the current JCR API you cannot remove the
empty version history (including the root version in Jackrabbit).
Personally, I believe that this could be solved with a "information
garbage collection" admin job.

Nevertheless, I think that the legal requirement of destroying the
relevant information should be met, since neither the root version
nor the empty version history hold any information whatsoever.
Is that correct?


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