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From "Paranoid" <parano...@ukr.net>
Subject Re[2]: question about version removing
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2006 13:02:16 GMT
yes, i know that idea. but in our application - it is not restoring, it is restoring of node
state for some date. but we just need full remove. to make it null and then to remove. it
is for security reasons.

> this is the idea of versioning. you can restore a node that was deleted :-)
> please be more specific what your problem is.
> regards, toby
> On 8/30/06, Paranoid <paranoid_@ukr.net> wrote:
> > hi all!
> > have a problem - developing with JackRabbit on the IBM DB2 base. when we perform
query like
> > "delete * from ..."
> > it dont deletes anything - it just dont show it again. so we need to do something
> > update .. set ...="";delte ... from ...;
> > but using JackRabbit we see that when deleting node it dont removes all old versions
of it. yes, we can move with version iterator and remove it by hand, but we cant set it to
null fields before.
> > please, suggest something, may be in configs or may be overwriting (or extending)
some class from JackRabbit source.

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