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From "Graeme Wilkinson" <grae...@enigma-interactive.co.uk>
Subject Maximum child node limit
Date Wed, 09 Aug 2006 09:42:11 GMT
Is there a limit to the number of child nodes a node can have? I have
been doing some performance testing where I have just been repeatedly
adding new child nodes under the root node. I now get an
ItemNotFoundExecption whenever I try and add another node (using the
following code)

newNode = myRoot.addNode( "myNode" );
newNode.addMixin( "mix:referenceable" );

On the call to save() an ItemNotFoundException is thrown. The UUID in
the message of the exception is different each time (see partial
stacktrace) so it would seem that is it creating something. The path of
my last node is /myNode[22687] (there are other nodes under the root
which is probably why 22687 is such an arbitrary number) and this never
changes no matter how many times I try and create a new node.
Interestingly, if I delete an existing node I can then create a new
node, which is what has led me to believe there is a limit to the number
of child nodes.




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