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From Marcel Reutegger <marcel.reuteg...@gmx.net>
Subject Re: What is the better approach for publishing contents?
Date Fri, 11 Aug 2006 17:24:51 GMT
Hi Dan,

The first approach is in my opinion the one to prefer. There are a 
couple of reasons why:

- the hierarchy of the version storage is different from the 
workspace. Searching for nodes that are under a specific path is quite 
complicated just using the version storage.

- each query will have to include a 'live' tag clause to filter out 
matches that are not of interest.

- some repository implementations might not support searches on the 
version storage

- searching just the workspace will probably be less expensive because 
it contains less content.

- There is an easy way to keep the 'live' workspace up-to-date: 
register an event listener on the version storage and update whenever 
a live tag is created, moved or deleted.


dan wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm quite new to Jackrabbit and am at the point of deciding how the
> versioned contents should be published / accessed in my application. Could
> anyone advise / comment on the question below? Thanks in advance.
> Application background: 
> All contents are versioned, and labelled with tags like "Live", "Pending",
> "Draft" etc. When a new version is published, I would check it in and label
> it as "Live". When new revision is being created, I would do a quick
> check-out/check-in, to create a new "Draft" version. Then check it out for
> modification. This is because the business requirement asks that the "Live"
> version should be always available until a newer version is published. 
> Web users only see "Live" contents and they need to be able to search "Live"
> contents by specifying multiple metadata values. 
> I have been considering two options: 
> 1.	Create a "Live" Workspace which "clones" all "Live" versions of
> content nodes in the authoring workspace. Content searches are always
> performed against the "Live" workspace.
> 2.	Use the Version labels and all content access and searches are
> performed against the version storage, by getting the "Live" version from
> the version history.
> The first option seems easier to implement and the second one is also
> attempting because it saves storage space as well as the extra work of
> maintaining a "mirroring" workspace. 
> For the second option, I'm especially interested in learning from you gurus
> about its impact on searching for contents, because in that case, all "live"
> contents would be the version storage. And any search must be performed
> within either nt:Version or nt:VersionHistory.
> Which is a better approach according to your experience? 
> Best Regards,
> Dan

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