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From Pavel Jbanov <pavel.jba...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Browser Based WYSIWYG Editors and Jackrabbit
Date Fri, 04 Aug 2006 14:40:44 GMT
c wrote:
> But like I said, projects
> like that are overkill for my relatively small document management
> requirements.

If you only need document management then take a look at Alfresco, it's 
the best OS DMS out there (and I think it's using Jackrabbit, right?)... 
It is probably an overkill, but it's very scalable... It's very basic 
out of the box, but you never know what features you'll need tomorrow. 
The best feature (in my opinion) is integration with OpenOffice in 
background for document format conversion -- you can edit 
.doc/.odt/.sxw/etc. in browser with WYSIWYG editor by seamless FORMAT -> 
HTML -> FORMAT conversion.


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