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From Pospishniy Alexander <pospesh...@softline.kiev.ua>
Subject Re: question about version removing
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2006 13:58:29 GMT
On Wednesday 30 August 2006 16:38, David Nuescheler wrote:

For security reasons we need to do the following actions:
1. Remove node from storage and destroy ALL traces of it's existence in 
repository. Now we see that removing a node leaves all it's versions in 
database no matter what we do. 
2. We need to set all data occupied by node to null(0) values before we do 
actual removal. It's like low level format but in  the repository plane.
Setting all properties of a node to null is no problem, but clearing it's 
version is as we can't modify them in any way known to us.

Is there any way to perform such actions in jackrabbit? Again, it's local 
security issue and is very important to us no matter it's illogical nature )   

> Hi Paranoid,
> I am not exactly clear on what you are trying to do.
> Are you trying to remove versions? Which is
> possible, but tends to an administrative task, which
> I would refrain from using in an application if possible.
> Are you looking for a removal of a node from one
> workspace and also removing the entire version
> history (for all the workspaces) at the same time?.
> If I think of the equivalent of such an operation for
> something like a CVS or Subversion repository,
> it sounds like a highly unlikely, questionable and
> even potentially harmful operation, that would need
> to be executed very carefully, right?
> Maybe you can explain your use case a little bit more
> in detail and why removing the individual versions from
> the version history is not satisfactory?
> regards,
> david

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