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From "Shanmugam Gopal" <haishanmu...@hotmail.com>
Subject Unable to check in file from webdav client to Jackrabbit repository.
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2006 08:27:28 GMT

I have deployed jackrabbit web application in Tomcat 5.5 with JDK 1.4.2.
Now I am trying to access the repository from webDAV Client - Dreamweaver 
and able to get the repository structure in File Browser(using Manage Site 

1. I created a folder in the repository(right click - New Folder...Ex/; 
2. Checked out this folder to my local machine (right click on folder name - 
3. Got the same folder in my local machine now.
4. Created a text file in that folder(Ex...Hello.txt)
5. Checked in the folder to the repository
6. Now the repository contains a folder called Hello and a file Hello.txt 
inside the folder.
7. Again I checkout the file to my local machine.
8. After making some changes to the file, trying to check in.
9. But while checking the content of the file in repository, it is not a 

Not able to understand the root cause of the problem.
While adding the file for the first time it works fine. But check-out then 
check-in is not working.


When I put some log messages in SimpleWebDAVServlet, AbstractWebDAVServlet 
and other files,
even i am not able to add any new folers/files to the repository.

I am getting message in Dreamweaver like

" An HTTP error occurred - cannot put Hello.txt.  Access Denied.  The file 
may not exist, or there could be a permission problem."

May I know in which version of Tomcat/JDK the Jackrabbit webapplication is 
compiled and tested ?

Will there be any problem because of using different JDK/Tomcat versions ??

Any help on this issure is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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