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From "dan z" <danz8...@hotmail.com>
Subject another question on CompactNodeTypeDefReader
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2006 20:57:19 GMT
Hi Tobias,

just another question on the CompactNodeTypeDefReader, please see my CND 
file components below:

[cm:aclEntryNode] > nt:base
-cm:uid (string) mandatory copy
-cm:permission (string) mandatory multiple copy

/* the node names of aclNode's children are the common name of the aclEntry 
Nodetype's id property */
[cm:aclNode] > nt:base
+cm:* (cm:aclEntryNode) = cm:aclEntryNode

What I'd like to have is a node hierarchy that reflects an ACL object. But 
the parser throws an ParserException saying "Error while parsing 'cm:'".
It seems that the parser doesn't like expression "cm:*", which I expect to 
tell the system "the subnode can have any name, as long as it is of NodeType 

Any advice on this?


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