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From Torgeir Veimo <torg...@pobox.com>
Subject Re: how to verify that text is being indexed?
Date Mon, 03 Jul 2006 10:12:40 GMT
Marcel Reutegger wrote:
> Torgeir Veimo wrote:
>> I have trouble doing some queries, eg
>> /jcr:root//element(*,nt:resource)[jcr:contains(.,'t')]
> are you sure the xml file contains the word 't'? the jcr:contains 
> function will not find words that just contain the letter 't'.
>> where the result come up empty. The text has content type text/xml. 
>> How can I verify that those nodes i save indeed are being indexed?
> Unfortunately there is not much logging that you can turn on. This 
> leaves you with two options:
> - debug jackrabbit (method: NodeIndexer.addBinaryValue())
> - inspect the lucene index (e.g. using Luke: 
> http://www.getopt.org/luke/luke.jnlp)

Inspection using Luke sounds like a good option. However, it turned out 
to be a spelling error being introduced in the text filter classes 
"MsreplaceTextFilter", so an exception was being thrown that disabled 
text indexing..

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