I have just started to look at jackrabbit so please don't take offence.

I have a task to create a new web site. The new site will be fairly static,
but we want to update and add content without performing a release process.
There will also be a search facility and possibly a forum of some sort.
We started looking at an in-house CMS but this had too many restrictions
on the structure of our site.

So we have decided to go back to a standard Web MVC. To fill the requirement
of i18n we decided all content had come from a Resource Bundle with contents
read from a database table (or a number of tables - *Backed by a cache of course*)

This is when I discovered Apache Jackrabbit. If we used a Jackrabbit repository to back
the Resource Bundle then if would make the search functionality a whole lot easier.

I have looked at a number of simple implementations and jackrabbit looks like a good fit:

My questions are:
        Is this a valid use of the Jackrabbit Content Repository ?
        Should I back my repository with a Database?

        I have had some problems moving the simple examples to Oracle. Is Oracle a supported
        database? I changed the ddl but even with the tables created I received constraint errors
        on the indexes?

I would appreciate any assistance that someone could provide.


David Winterbottom