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From "danz z" <danz8...@hotmail.com>
Subject questions on repository access model and transaction handling
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2006 20:34:51 GMT
Hi all,

I'm working on a web application that I expect to use Jackrabbit as the 
backend repository. This application has users and roles defined in an 
existing db2 database. It would be desireable to implement the repository 
access layer without discarding current user authorization mechanism.

Question 1: is the following a valid access model for using JackRabbit?

- A repository session-pool (e.g. use commons pool library) that needs only 
a sinlge
   admin id and password, this allows a fixed JAAS configuration that 
doesn't need further
   modification when user accounts change
- A servlet relies on the above session pool to manipulate repository data
- A user authorization module (for my app, already exists, just need some 
minor change)
   that controls access levels

I've read the jcr specs but am unclear whether the repository.login method 
would return same session objects to, for example, multiple servlet calls in 
different threads (although with same user id and password).

Question 2: I saw some posted code in the mail archive on using XSResource 
for transaction handling. Is there any way to use container managed 

Thanks in advance,

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