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From "Shane O'Sullivan" <shaneosulliv...@gmail.com>
Subject XPath with QName not working
Date Mon, 12 Jun 2006 09:43:16 GMT
Hi all,

I'm trying to execute XPath on JackRabbit in a data store that
contains nodes with namespaces specified.  For example I have:

/jcr:system            (type is rep:system)
/a:mynode             (type is nt:unstructured)

If I use the query  /*   it gives me the root '/' Node.
If I use the query  /*/* it gives me

However, I cannot access any node by referencing it without a
wildcard.  For example, the query   //a:mynode     does not return any
results,  nor does   /a:mynode    or /*/a:mynode

Neither can I access the jcr:system node directly.  I've also tried
without the namespace qualifier, but   //mynode   ,  /mynode   and
//system   don't work either.

Also, using the 'element' function doesn't work, e.g.   //element(*,
nt:unstructured)   returns nothing, even though I know for a fact that
there are nodes of type nt:unstructured in the data store.

All help greatly appreciated.


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