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From "Hinman, Robert A." <ROBERT.A.HIN...@saic.com>
Subject A newbie Oracle config question
Date Thu, 29 Jun 2006 17:21:35 GMT
Hi there,
I'm using jLibrary to implement jackrabbit and I'm trying to configure it to
work with Oracle, using the newly added OraclePersistenceManager.  I have
read in other postings that people were able to set up the 'correct'
configuration, even before these new classes were added.  I have been
struggling with the repository.xml for a while 
- I was wondering if anyone could post an example repository.xml configured
for the oracle persistence Manager.

I also have some even more newbie questions about the repository.xml:

1)What is the benefit of using the DbFileSystem (or OracleFileSystem)
instead of the localFileSystem class?  What are the parameters needed for
this to function correctly with Oracle?(Specifically, what is the path in
that case?)

2)What is the difference between the FileSystem tag outside the workspace
tag and the one inside workspace?  Can they be different types (db and file

3) Where are we supposed to configure the ${rep.home}, ${wsp.name} and
${wsp.home}  variables?  How are they configured?  For whatever reason the
jackrabbit/repository is created in my jboss/bin directory (the working

Thanks so much for any help,


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