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From Philip Quinn...@partylemon.com>
Subject Having multiple open copies of a repository
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2006 15:05:49 GMT

I'm working on a small project using JCR (Jackrabbit), and we're  
currently investigating having multiple copies of the same repository  
open at the same time (ie. multiple javax.jcr.Repository objects open  
at the same time, by different users, pointing at the same repository).
To make matters worse, we're using LocalFileSystem +  
XMLPersistenceManager (but for this type of project -- that's fine).

Anyway, the problem we're encountering is that things aren't being  
persisted to disk, resulting in weird errors (when some things have,  
and others haven't); Session.save() doesn't seem to persist to disk.

Since I don't think jackrabbit was designed for this, I'm not too  
concerned. But before move to an RMI or caching solution, I'm  
wondering if there is any way to 'force' this to work?



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