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From Torgeir Veimo <torg...@pobox.com>
Subject Re: Newbie Question - Performance
Date Thu, 29 Jun 2006 11:38:48 GMT
Tobias Bocanegra wrote:
> the creation of the session is indeed lightweight. but there are
> caches attached to the session that increase performance (especially
> the CachingHierarchyManager). whenever you close (i.e. logout) the
> session, you loose the cached information.
> in a web-based environment, with anonymous, access, i would have a
> pool of connected (i.e. logged-in) jcr-sessions, that are used for
> every request. this pool can have the size of 1, as long you are only
> doing read-only access.
> as soon you have write access, possible several modifications over
> multiple requests, with a 'save' at the end, you need to attach the
> jcr-session to the j2ee-session, so that the transient changes don't
> get lost, or mixed up with different users.

Just to clarify this; a node retrieved from a (read-only) session, 
cannot be used to make modifications in another session?


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