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From gvanma...@comcast.net (Gary VanMatre)
Subject Re: [ANNOUNCE] Apache Jackrabbit 1.0.1 Released
Date Sat, 03 Jun 2006 03:19:32 GMT
Congratulations guys!  Thanks for your hard work.

-------------- Original message -------------- 
From: "Jukka Zitting" <jukka@apache.org> 

> The Apache Jackrabbit community is pleased to announce the release of 
> Apache Jackrabbit version 1.0.1. The release is available for download 
> at: 
> http://jackrabbit.apache.org/downloads.cgi 
> Release Notes -- Apache Jackrabbit -- Version 1.0.1 
> Introduction 
> ------------ 
> The Apache Jackrabbit project is an effort to build and maintain 
> an open source implementation of the Content Repository for Java 
> Technology API (JCR) specified in the Java Specification Request 170 
> (JSR-170). 
> Apache Jackrabbit 1.0.1 is a patch release that fixes a number of 
> issues, see the included change history for details. No new 
> features or configuration changes have been introduced since 
> the 1.0 release. 
> Apache Jackrabbit 1.0.1 is a fully conforming and stable JSR-170 
> implementation. Developed from the same source tree as the JSR-170 
> reference implementation, the 1.0.1 release implements the full JCR API, 
> including level 1, level 2, and all the optional features like 
> versioning, transactions, and observation. 
> See the Apache Jackrabbit website at http://jackrabbit.apache.org/ 
> for more information. 
> Release Contents 
> ---------------- 
> The main contents of this release are the Apache Jackrabbit core 
> content repository implementation and the related general-purpose 
> JCR utilities: 
> jackrabbit-core-1.0.1-src.jar 
> jackrabbit-core-1.0.1.jar 
> jackrabbit-jcr-commons-1.0.1.jar 
> This release contains also additional components that offer extra 
> functionality for use with either Apache Jackrabbit core or any 
> JCR compliant content repository. These modules should be considered 
> alpha quality: 
> * RMI network layer for the JCR API. 
> jackrabbit-jcr-rmi-1.0.1-src.jar 
> jackrabbit-jcr-rmi-1.0.1.jar 
> * Deployable Jackrabbit installation with WebDAV support for JCR. 
> jackrabbit-jcr-server-1.0.1-src.jar 
> jackrabbit-jcr-webdav-1.0.1.jar 
> jackrabbit-jcr-client-1.0.1.jar 
> jackrabbit-jcr-server-1.0.1.jar 
> jackrabbit-server-1.0.1.war 
> * J2EE Connector Architecture (JCA) resource adapter for Jackrabbit. 
> jackrabbit-jca-1.0.1-src.jar 
> jackrabbit-jca-1.0.1.rar 
> * Text indexing filters for Jackrabbit. Includes example filters 
> for Adobe PDF and MS Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. 
> jackrabbit-index-filters-1.0.1-src.jar 
> jackrabbit-index-filters-1.0.1.jar 
> All components are released as a source jar file and one or more compiled 
> binary files. All files contain a README.txt file with more information. 
> Note that external runtime dependencies are only included for the war 
> and rar archives. Other dependencies can be downloaded either manually 
> or automatically using the Maven build system. 
> Each release file is accompanied by SHA1 and MD5 checksums and a PGP 
> signature. The public key used for the signatures can be found 
> in the KEYS file located in the parent directory. 
> Upgrading from 0.9 
> ------------------ 
> Due to a change in query functionality (JCR-257) a full rebuild of the 
> full text indexes is required on existing content repositories when 
> upgrading from the 0.9 release. Reindexing can be triggered by manually 
> removing the index directories when the repository has been shut down. 
> You should also add a repository-level SearchIndex configuration element 
> to your repository configuration file if one is not already included. 
> Known Issues 
> ------------ 
> The known issues in this release are listed below: 
> [JCR-441] Session logout doesn't release locks acquired using addLockToken 
> [JCR-436] InvalidQueryException thrown for a SQL query using WHERE ... 
> [JCR-435] Node.update() does not work correct for SNS 
> [JCR-427] thread local variable commitLog not dispose 
> [JCR-414] jcr:successors property not persisted correctly within a ... 
> [JCR-413] JCA will not compile with J2EE1.3 classes 
> [JCR-412] JCA Concurrent Modification Exception when ... 
> [JCR-406] If header evaluation compliance provlems 
> [JCR-392] Accessing element by number does not work 
> [JCR-385] ClassCastExeption when executing union queries 
> [JCR-359] JCA project tests assume Windows paths 
> [JCR-320] BinaryValue equals fails for two objects with two different ... 
> [JCR-299] errors in text filters can cause indexing to fail without ... 
> [JCR-272] Removal of versions throws javax.jcr.ReferentialIntegrityException 
> [JCR-43] Restore on node creates same-name-sibling of OPV-Version child ... 
> [JCR-18] Multithreading issue with versioning 
> See the issue tracker at http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/JCR for 
> more details. 
> Change History 
> -------------- 
> Changes since 1.0: 
> [JCR-443] Deadlock when concurrently committing and reading versioning ... 
> [JCR-439] Workspace.clone() fails the second time, if cloning referenceables 
> [JCR-437] Restoring a node which has OPV=Version children fails if they ... 
> [JCR-434] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in NodeTypeDefDiff 
> [JCR-430] Memory leak when using transactions 
> [JCR-429] Session scoped lock not always removed on Session.logout() 
> [JCR-428] BLOBFileValue() might be discarded to early 
> [JCR-426] WorkspaceInfo.dispose() does not deregister from obs dispatcher 
> [JCR-424] PropertyState binary type desirialsation only returns half ... 
> [JCR-423] Node.restore() fails for existing non-versioned OPV=Version ... 
> [JCR-422] charset in Content-Type header shouldn't be in quotes 
> [JCR-421] PROPPATCH does not send multistatus after revision 397835 
> [JCR-420] NullPointerException when deleting a property of type REFERENCE 
> [JCR-411] Binding repository to a nameserver with RegistryHelper causes ... 
> [JCR-408] RowIterator view of result for query '//*' only returns ... 
> [JCR-405] PROPPATCH doesn't respect document order 
> [JCR-400] PROPPATCH error marshalling when the resource can't be ... 
> [JCR-396] RMI published Repository using the jcr-rmi library gets lost ... 
> [JCR-395] Using transactions leads to memory leak 
> [JCR-393] WebDAV Library: VersionControlledResource constant lists ... 
> [JCR-391] WebDAV method invocation trying to create a new resource ... 
> [JCR-386] Query dump failed with deep query tree 
> [JCR-383] Default namespaces in JackrabbitNodeTypeManager.registerNodetypes 
> [JCR-382] Setting WebDAV property without value causes NPE in ... 
> [JCR-381] Repository does not start if text filter dependencies are missing 
> [JCR-374] Missing 'node removed' event when removing a version 
> [JCR-371] ItemStateException on concurrently committing transactions of ... 
> [JCR-369] IllegalNameException when importing document view with two mixins 
> [JCR-362] restore sometime throws error about missing tmp files 
> [JCR-336] Concurrent locking operations fail 
> [JCR-335] Deadlock caused by versioning operations within transaction 
> [JCR-285] Line-separator differences cause PredefinedNodeTypeTest to ... 
> [JCR-264] TextFilters get called three times within checkin() method 
> [JCR-140] Versioning might no be thread safe 
> [JCR-50] Persistence data of versioning not cleaned up correctly 
> Changes since 1.0-rc3: 
> [JCR-379] Remove the unneeded cqfs dependencies 
> [JCR-378] jackrabbit-server.war is missing the slf4j-log4j12 library 
> [JCR-377] Change project names to start with jackrabbit 
> [JCR-376] JCR-RMI depends on commons-logging 
> [JCR-368] Add support for simple test cases 
> Changes since 1.0-rc2: 
> [JCR-375] jcr:encoding not respected in NodeIndexer 
> [JCR-373] all references to incubator need to be replaced with new ... 
> [JCR-370] SearchIndex class contains garbled String 
> [JCR-365] Web client/WebDAV fails to unescape workspace names 
> [JCR-357] Move to jackrabbit.apache.org 
> [JCR-356] Replace license headers with new policy text 
> [JCR-353] TransientRepository does not shutdown if first login fails 
> [JCR-338] Query Builder and jcr:deref problem. Can't add predicate ... 
> [JCR-333] NodeTypeDef depends on supertype ordering 
> [JCR-257] Use separate index for jcr:system tree 
> Changes since 1.0-rc1: 
> [JCR-363] Node.setProperty(String, ...) implementation not according to ... 
> [JCR-354] Use a pre-generated version of XPath.jjt 
> [JCR-351] Default to anonymous access when no Credentials are given 
> [JCR-348] Add automatic default configuration 
> [JCR-347] Jcr-server: Parsing NodeTypeProperty not compliant with definition 
> [JCR-346] Jcr-Server: ItemDefinitionImpl.toXml throws NPE for the root node 
> [JCR-345] Jcr-Server: DavException doesn't allow to specify an exception ... 
> [JCR-344] Jcr-server: DeltaVResource lists MKWORKSPACE in the method ... 
> [JCR-343] Jcr-server: Report#init limits the Report interface to DeltaV ... 
> [JCR-342] Jcr-Server: DavResource#getDavSession() missing 
> [JCR-341] Jcr-Server: registration of ReportTypes fails 
> [JCR-340] Jcr-Server: ValuesProperty missing property type information 
> [JCR-337] Jcr-Server: remove jcr depedency from dav-library 
> [JCR-215] Code depends on Log4J directly 
> Changes since 0.9: 
> [JCR-334] loadURI compile error with Maven 1.0.2 
> [JCR-330] Include the README file in the generated jar files 
> [JCR-329] NodeReferencesId.equals() is not symetric 
> [JCR-328] TransientRepository with LocalFileSystem eventually ... 
> [JCR-327] Mixins as supertypes do not appear to be queryable 
> [JCR-326] Initialize the cause of a login exception in the repository 
> [JCR-318] RepositoryHelper.unregisterRepository() does not allow ... 
> [JCR-317] replace UUID strings by UUID classes in NodeId, etc.. 
> [JCR-316] Fixed README.txt on textfilters project 
> [JCR-315] Support for OpenOffice text extraction 
> [JCR-309] Extract the public API interfaces from o.a.j.core to o.a.j.api 
> [JCR-308] Nodes having OPV=Ignore are removed on restore 
> [JCR-307] serious performance degradation of node operations when ... 
> [JCR-275] NodeTypeRegistry.unregisterNodeTypes(Collection) missing 
> [JCR-156] Review test cases and cross check with 1.0 specification 
> Changes since 0.9-rc1: 
> [JCR-109] Contrib RMI: NotSerializableException 
> Changes since the beginning: 
> The first Apache Jackrabbit release was the result of more than two years 
> of development and contained the resolutions of more than 270 tracked 
> issues. See the issue tracker for the full history. 
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