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From "Alexandru Popescu" <the.mindstorm.mailingl...@gmail.com>
Subject index is screwed
Date Mon, 15 May 2006 15:05:00 GMT

We have a test server on which we are running an application based on
Jackrabbit 1.0 (and others). From time to time we are updating the
deployed application, but immediately after a restart we are seeing a
set of exceptions related to Lucene indexes.
It is completely unclear to me why this is happening. Has anybody seen
this? We know that currently we can solve this problem by deleting the
content of the index subdirectory, but in the long run this represents
a very big problem because we will have more things to do in case we
want to automate the server restart after a crash.

So, I would be very interested to find out why this error is occuring
and what would be the solution for it.

As always, any ideas, hints, pointers are highly appreciated. I have
searched the ML, but couldn't find something pointing to a solution
(and most of the problems where due to updates of the jackrabbit
version and not simply between server restarts).

If you need more information, just let me know and I will try to
provide it right away.

Once again thanks in advance for your help,

.w( the_mindstorm )p.

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