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From Alan Menant <amen...@jouve.fr>
Subject (pas de sujet)
Date Wed, 24 May 2006 09:35:51 GMT
I tried this example : 

and it looks like to be working fine for indexing folders and files. My 
folder contains .txt and .pdf files.

The second step is to make a search on this folder...
I wrote this :

            // Recherche
            Workspace workspace = session.getWorkspace();
            QueryManager queryManager = workspace.getQueryManager();

             // Requête Xpath
            Query query = 
queryManager.createQuery("//*[jcr:contains(.,'test')]", Query.XPATH);
            QueryResult result = query.execute();
            NodeIterator iter = result.getNodes();
            System.out.println(iter.getSize()+ " résultats");
                Node noeud = (Node)iter.next();


This mean "Please give me all results that contains the word 'test'" (if 
I made no mistakes).
But I have no results at all.

I think I didn't stand everything in jackrabbit, can anyone help me ?


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