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From Michael Baranov <michael.bara...@gmail.com>
Subject Several newbie questions:
Date Fri, 05 May 2006 17:08:30 GMT

I'm new to Jackrabbit, so please do not judge harsh.
I'm currently using Hibernate to implement a kind of ad-hoc file system. 
Self-referencing node entities etc., you know.  I'm thinking about 
replacing it with a JCR implementation, Jackrabbit in particular. I have 
several general questions:

1) Can Jackrabbit be configured to store the index data along with the 
nodes themselves in a relational DB? I know that's true for nodes for 
sure, but what for Lucene index?
2) Do I need Lucene indexing to be able to quickly lookup nodes by UUID?
3) How fast can the UUID lookup be? I mean in terms of number of reads 
from file system or DB queries.
4) Can I apply Lucene indexing to properties of nodes selectively, e.g. 
define which properties of which nodes to index
5) Can I specify indexing hints for fiels? E.g. index tokenized / index 
as single token
6) Can version data be stored in a DB?

Thank you very much!

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