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From Marcel Reutegger <marcel.reuteg...@gmx.net>
Subject Re: JCR workspace usage
Date Thu, 13 Apr 2006 07:48:41 GMT
Danner, Russ wrote:
> If I am supporting multiple publications is it advisable to put them all in
> the same workspace or in separate work spaces? 

this depends what you intend to do with those publications and what 
requirements you have. certain features are not cross-workspace. e.g. 
references are only possible between nodes of the same workspace. 
executing a query will always be targeted to a single workspace.

> If I want to relate documents from different publications, is it no true
> that I must put them in the same workspace? The JCR spec is strange in that
> it is unclear how nodes in different workspaces work together (it reads a
> little bit like alternate universes). 

you can look at workspaces as local checkouts of a revision control 
system. those checkouts are not all the same. one may only contain a 
subset of the items that are under revision control, another may contain 
revisions of items that are tagged to a certain milestone. and then you 
may see items in a checkout that are not even under version control. all 
of this also applies to JCR workspaces.

> On page 35 of the spec issue last year it gives an example where two
> different workspaces have nodes with the same UUID -- but not the same node?

different workspace may checkout different version of the 'same node'. 
thus the content of the nodes are different, but they belong to the same 
version history.

> What if I update one of the nodes?  Is the change represented by the other
> node with the same UUID in the other workspace? Sorry I'm out to lunch on
> this.

no, changes to nodes are strictly workspace local. to get the changes 
into another workspace you either have to:

- clone the node across workspaces
- check in the changes and then update the node in the other workspace 
to the just checked in version.


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