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From Bjorn Bength <bjorn.ben...@curalia.se>
Subject xpath and date comparison in search
Date Thu, 13 Apr 2006 15:42:51 GMT

Im trying to construct a query in xpath where a want to find all
documents where the attribute @plan:lastModified is between two
user supplied dates.
How would i construct such a query?

here is an example of the last part of my criteria:
works ok:
[@plan:status != 'ARCHIVED'] order by @plan:lastModified descending

i have tried several combinations that dont work; including casting to
xs:dateTime, converting to millies, strings in different formats.

I wanna do:

[@plan:status != 'ARCHIVED' 
and @plan:lastModified > {my 1st date}
and @plan:lastModified < {my 2nd date}
] order by @plan:lastModified descending

Björn Bength  |  Systems Designer
Phone +46 (0)70 926 28 90
Curalia AB  |  www.curalia.se
Västmannagatan 15, 111 24 Stockholm, Sweden

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