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From Ben Zahler <ben.zah...@inside-solutions.ch>
Subject Re: Oak Training: MikroKernels/NodeStores
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2014 14:27:07 GMT
Hi Thomas,
This is a AEM6 training that I am writing, so it¹s not exactly Oak
documentation, and the delivery format is a word file.

Of course if you feel that the documentation is helpful to the Oak
project, it may make sense to add it to the oak-doc project.

About your comments:
Since a CQ developer/architect must know the options for Oak
architectures, I think the concepts of MikroKernel, NodeStore and
DataStore must be part of the training. The actual APIs are not described
in the training.

We describe MongoDB and the MongoDataStore in other sections of the
training (complete training:
http://oak.inside-apps.com/AEM6_OAK_Training_StudentWorkbook_v0-9-1.docx ,
review/oak4502). RDBMS was not described in deatil because afaik it is not
yet officially supported as a storage in CQ (please correct me if I¹m

Does that make sense for you?

Ben Zahler

Inside Solutions AG | Felsenstrasse 11 | 4450 Sissach | Schweiz
Telefon: +41 61 551 00 40 | Direkt: +41 61 551 00 43
http://www.inside-solutions.ch <http://www.inside-solutions.ch/>

Am 03.04.14 11:45 schrieb "Thomas Mueller" unter <mueller@adobe.com>:

>This is user documentation, right? We have a documentation project,
>oak-doc, could you provide patches for that instead of writing
>documentation in a Word file? I think that would be much more helpful.
>Otherwise, your documentation will very quickly get ouf of date, unless
>you spend a lot of time updating it. It's kind of the same as with copy &
>paste of source code: it's problematic because it increases mainteance, as
>well as the probability of bugs.
>As for documentation that is product specific, I would keep that separate
>and link to the relevant sections of the Oak documentation.
>So far, both the NodeStore and the MicroKernel APIs are internal APIs, and
>they don't affect the users of Oak. So I wouldn't mention them in user
>documentation. If they are documented, that should be in internal
>architecture and design documentation, meant for Oak developers, and not
>Oak users.
>What I would document is MongoDB storage, RDBMS storage, Tar file storage.
>The advantages / disadvantages, features and limitations, how to configure
>them, and so on.
>I would keep the documentation about the Document format, in the MongoDB
>storage section, because that's useful to analyze existing repositories
>(to find problems, to get statistics, and so on). The details of that data
>model may change, but not that often, so I think it makes sense to
>document it.
>On 03/04/14 07:45, "Ben Zahler" <ben.zahler@inside-solutions.ch> wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>after the last review feedback, I have revised the section on
>>MicroKernels and NodeStores.
>>I would appreciate any feedback if this new version is both technically
>>correct and also using the right terms.
>>The revised section is available here (User : review/Pwd: oak4502):
>>Thanks in advance for any comments!
>>Ben Zahler
>>Inside Solutions AG | Felsenstrasse 11 | 4450 Sissach | Schweiz
>>Telefon: +41 61 551 00 40 | Direkt: +41 61 551 00 43

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