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From Thomas Mueller <muel...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Reduce number of calls from Oak to Mongo DB on restarts
Date Mon, 28 Oct 2013 07:13:46 GMT

>The SegmentMK addresses this issue by grouping related content into
>larger segments and thus reducing the number of network or disk
>accesses needed in most use cases. Perhaps the MongoMK could do
>something similar?

Yes. What might work is to store a limited number of child nodes (a
subtree really) in the parent node (in the parent document), for a certain
revision. Kind of a cache, which is only used if there is no change below
the given subtree. The subtree cache would be built in a background
thread, and outdated subtree caches could be removed whenever a document
is changed (possibly also in a background thread).

Using MapDB [1] or the H2 MVStore [2] for caching: this might improve
startup time drastically, if we really load many nodes at startup. But I'm
a bit afraid of the added complexity to maintain a local storage. So far
we don't use local storage as far as I know.

[1] http://www.mapdb.org/
[2] http://h2database.com/html/mvstore.html


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