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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Access workspace name withing CommitHook
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2013 12:55:27 GMT
hi all

voilà... for the record you can find below a brief summary of
the session that took place today in basel.


0. attendees

alex, jukka (remote), marcel, mete, michaelD, michaelM, tom,
tommaso, angela

1. status quo

- support for multiple workspace has been postponed so far as
   we don't have an urgent need for it.
- the default workspace name is configurable in Oak.java
- version implementation abstracts the workspace information

2. current issues related to workspace handling

- access control related commit hooks that need to know the
   workspace name (avoid content migration for the future
   multi-workspace setup).

- marcel explained that he ran into a similar situation when
   implementing version commit hooks [0]

3. discussion of possible solutions

a) add support for multiple workspace
b) adjust commit hook interface
c) retrieve workspace information from subject
d) global repository configuration storing the workspace information
e) pass workspace name upon commit hook creation

4. decisions

- stick with the former decision to postpone support for
   multiple workspace.

- keep the multi-workspace setup in mind in order to allow
   for implementing it at a later stage

- avoid passing workspace information everywhere in order
   not to imply a given multi-workspace implementation

- suggestion e) seemed to suit our needs for the time being.
   verify if this works -> see also OAK-625 [1]

[0] http://jackrabbit.markmail.org/thread/bqwi2xiu3zg73kdg
[1] https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/OAK-625

On 2/6/13 12:04 PM, Michael Dürig wrote:
> Hi,
> Before jumping to conclusion here I'd like to get a clearer picture how
> we address workspace support. In OAK-118 we decided to stick with a
> single workspace "for now". I think it is high time we revisit that
> since it block other things as well (e.g. OAK-453).
> I suggest we schedule a session for that at next week's Oakathon in
> Basel. WDYT?
> Michael
> On 6.2.13 9:57, Angela Schreiber wrote:
>> hi
>> in order to address OAK-444 without excessive uuid resolution
>> upon access control evaluation i create a separate commit hook
>> that keeps track of the path of versionable nodes .
>> since the version information is defined to be 'global' for a
>> given respository while the versionable path might differ between
>> multiple workspace, i need to build the hook in a multi-workspace
>> compatible way even though we currently have just one workspace
>> (with configurable name).
>> so far i didn't find a pleasant way to retrieve the workspace
>> name associated with the current commit. is this something
>> that could be added to the CommitHook interface?
>> regards
>> angela

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