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From Marcel Reutegger <mreut...@adobe.com>
Subject MicroKernelIT#conflictingMove
Date Tue, 15 Jan 2013 10:23:24 GMT

Mete and I started a discussion about conflicting commits in private
emails and I'd like to move this to the dev list. feel free to jump in
and discuss.

history (most recent first):

hmm, thinking a bit more about this, I think you might be right and committing
against the given base revision isn't that useful when we later have to rebase
the commit again.

it would be better to only do it once. but I'm not sure if that's really possible.
I guess the reason why we have it that way at the moment, is the inner retry logic
in CommitCommandNew (not the one in the executor). it will retry the commit
when it detects a concurrent commit. in this case it will possibly have to rebase the
commit. as done in mergeNodes()?


Hi Mete,

> I looked into why 2 tests failing in MicroKernelIT for MongoMK. One of
> them is conflictingMove test. This test passes for MicroKernelImpl and it
> looks like the reason is MicroKernelImpl always commits against head. Take
> a look at CommitBuilder around line 112. There's a check whether baseRevId
> is not equal to currentHead, and if so, the staged tree is reset to
> currentHead and the operation is retried. This effectively means that the
> operation is committed against head, right?

hmm, not sure. I'd first have to look at the code. if it just blindly commits to
head then it's certainly wrong and it also means it wouldn't detect the
conflict, right? So, I guess what it does is some kind of rebase.

> We recently changed CommitCommand to commit against baseRevisionId
> instead
> of head but I'm thinking maybe we should change it back to committing
> against head? Or maybe we commit against baseRevisionId but we add some
> kind of a conflicting commit detection (although I'm not too sure how we'd
> detect conflicting commits easily). WDYT?

this is missing right now. merging with the *head* revision tree is done in
CommitCommandNew.mergeNodes(). that is, mergeNodes() basically does
the rebase I mentioned above. I recently added a FIXME to this method.
I think this is the place where we'd need to find out if there is a conflict.

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