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From Marcel Reutegger <mreut...@adobe.com>
Subject RE: MongoMK: CommitCommandInstructionVisitor
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2013 11:04:18 GMT
hmm, it doesn't look that promising right now, but I think
it has to do with how MongoMK retries commits when there
are conflicts.

with local changes that I have right now, I get a RuntimeException
in CommitCommandInstructionVisitor:

java.lang.RuntimeException: There's already a child node with name '3'
	at org.apache.jackrabbit.mongomk.impl.instruction.CommitCommandInstructionVisitor.visit(CommitCommandInstructionVisitor.java:100)

that's a bit strange, because the test makes sure that each thread
adds a distinct child node. I suspect the commit is retried (possibly)
multiple times and then sees previous commits or nodes that should be
marked as failed. actually only commits will be marked as failed in MongoMK.
maybe that's the reason why it results in this exception?


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Marcel Reutegger [mailto:mreutegg@adobe.com]
> Sent: Mittwoch, 9. Januar 2013 11:29
> To: oak-dev@jackrabbit.apache.org
> Subject: RE: MongoMK: CommitCommandInstructionVisitor
> > I guess this makes sense, although I'm curious what MicroKernelIT tests
> > would fail if we simply change headRevisionId in
> > CommitCommandInstructionVisitor to baseRevisionId of Commit.
> I'll try that out.
> > I'm thinking
> > about the case where the passed in revision id is null and also other
> > cases where there are conflicting moves/adds/deletes.
> I think in this case we'd still use the head revision.
> regards
>  marcel

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