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From Mete Atamel <mata...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Conflict handling in Oak
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2012 16:05:39 GMT
In MongoMK, getJournal basically returns the jsonDiff from the commit, at
least in the simple case when there is no path to filter.


On 12/18/12 4:57 PM, "Thomas Mueller" <mueller@adobe.com> wrote:

>>"But the question is how close the journal has to match the original
>>commit, specially "move" and "copy" operations.
>Yes. There are various degrees of how close the journal is to the commit.
>One option is: the commit is preserved 1:1. The other extreme is: moves
>are fully converted to add+remove. But there are options in the middle,
>for example if the original operation included "move /a /b", and the
>journal wouldn't return it 1:1, but instead "add /b, then move /a/x to
>/b/x, and remove /a". I thought this is what the MicroKernelImpl does in
>some cases (if there are multiple operations), and I don't think it's a

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