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From Ian Boston <...@tfd.co.uk>
Subject Question: wide hierachies
Date Sun, 14 Oct 2012 00:49:24 GMT
IIUC Oak has the potential to handle wide hierarchies where there are
millions of child nodes to a parent and hence support some of the use
cases commonly found in Social Media and cloud applications. This
question is about the implementation to support that.

IIUC from reading the code child nodes are accessed from the parent
node, and to avoid the situation in JR2 where child nodes were
represented as an array of objects stored with the parent node, child
nodes in Oak are represented in a internal tree structure where the
width of the tree is controlled to ensure concurrency and performance
is maintained. (did I understand that correctly ?).

In choosing this approach, was a possible alternative considered where
the child node contains a single pointer to its parent, and the child
node is retrieved by hashing it's path rather ie  hash-f(path) ===
child-node-storage-id, (eg sha1(path) == child-node-storage-id )
rather than navigating from the parent.

In my exposure to use cases for social media and cloud like systems I
have observed several things. Listing child nodes from a parent
becomes rarer the closer the application moves towards social media.
Direct pointer based access derived from a hierarchical url is the
main use case. For non hierarchal pointer, searching becomes dominant.
Occasionally listing is required but only as a variant of search.
Scans or sorted scans as nearly always avoided as being impractical.

In social media content, the cardinality of all parents is low making
finding children of parents amenable to an inverted index approach. Ie
the parent becomes a search keyword term.

(the closer to Enterprise Content Management the application is the
inverse of the above is true)

If I understood all of that correctly, my question:

In circumstances where the use cases are more to the social media end
of the spectrum, will it be possible to invert the child-parent
relationship within Oak to be a pointer from the child with an
optional, additional inverted index should finding children of a
specific parent be required ?

Apologies if this is already covered and I missed it. The archives at
Markmail didn't turn anything up.


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