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From Michael Dürig <mdue...@apache.org>
Subject [NEWS] Oak new of the week (4th edition)
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2012 10:43:00 GMT


Right after the Berlin Hackathon Oak saw another quite busy week with 
another Hackathon in Basel:

- A Microkernel performance test suite was contributed by Tudor Rogoz 
through OAK-335. Thanks Tudor! This should eventually be a great help 
for identifying scalability and performance bottlenecks in the various 
Microkernel implementations and its a great fit to the Mongo based 
Microkernel implementations that was contributed only recently.

- There was some discussion whether the commit hook should rather be 
located in RootImpl instead of KernelNodeState/Branch. There is also the 
question whether we want/need a testAndSet operation for the 
Microkernel. See here for some background: 

- Since OAK-325 we have support for node types in query. Implementation 
wise, a better approach might be to have that functionality in the core 
query engine to avoid duplication. Even better could be to support 
pluggable "query transformers" that could modify the abstract syntax 
tree based on custom rules (like node type inheritance) before it is 
passed on to the actual index implementations.

- The recent work on initial repository setup (OAK-41) still raises some 
questions: initialisation is in the wrong layer and mixes oak-core with 
JCR only aspects. Also how could we perform initial setup without 
security checks? Some rough ideas were discussed, so expect to hear more 
about this soon.

- There was a discussion on the state of the Oak API. The Java API is in 
a reasonably stable state with only smaller details and some missing 
features still to be added. Open questions resolve around how to handle 
workspaces, versioning, some access control bits, etc. These might be 
best decided once someone has had a chance to take a deeper look on how 
the implementation should look like.
The HTTP binding for non-Java clients is still largely undefined and 
there's only a very early draft implementation. There are two aspects to 
the HTTP binding: remoting of the Java API vs. direct access from 
non-Java clients. Regardless of this, the interface for non-Java clients 
should be simple yet functionally complete and it should be possible to 
do complex stuff without a complex client-side library for coordinating 
the interaction. We might want to leverage existing standards/work where 
it makes sense (WebDAV, JSON-LD, etc).

- Support for orderable child nodes should move from oak-jcr to 
oak-core: for access control reasons the current childOrder property 
needs to be hidden below the Oak API (otherwise information about 
otherwise unaccessible nodes might be leaked). See the recent discussion 
on OKA-169.

- A lot of consolidation happened around the management of query 
indexes. See OAK-365, OAK-368 and OAK-362 for details.

- OAK-366 makes the MongoDB backed Microkernel implementation OSGI ready.

- With OAK-350 there is an effort to unify PropertyState and CoreValue 
in order to reduce the number of runtime instances and to reduce the 
complexity of the API for the major use cases.

- Finally, there was quite a lot going on in the security area wrt. 
access control, authentication support, principal management and so. 
Angela, since you were mainly concerned with this, do you mind to give a 
quick update on what's new here?

so long,

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