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From Thomas Mueller <muel...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: On custom index configuration
Date Wed, 19 Sep 2012 12:26:37 GMT

>From a content modeling perspective, forcing all indexes in a central
>location is very restricting and not modular.

Where the index configuration nodes are stored is normally internal to the
implementation, with the exceptions of export and import.

The index configuration is similar to the node type configuration: a
normal developer doesn't typically write those nodes directly, but uses a
tool to instead.

>Also, maybe you want less priviliged users/groups configure an index,
>which might not have access to that central config node.

I think index configuration should be similar to managing node types and
access rights.

>Is indexing done using the admin session?

Do you mean updating the index? Yes.

>If it's hidden, would it be possible to access and copy that :index node
>(in a jcr dump/packaging mechanism) over to another instance in order to
>avoid reindexing?

Now you talk about the index content, not the index configuration. That's
a different topic, but:

Yes that might be possible. Even thought, I don't consider this an
advantage. For databases, what you typically do is export just the data,
and then let the database re-create the index. I have never heard about
the use case "export / import index content" except if you restore a
complete database.

Actually it is a problem if you import into an existing tree (possibly
overwriting some of the current data). This would break the existing index
and lead to problems that are hard to detect.

>>When executing a query, the search engine in Oak would then detect all
>> indexes along the main path axis of a given query. For example, when
>> querying for content inside /data/foo, the search engine would use the
>> indexes at / and /data, but not the ones at /articles.
>Kewl :-)

>From a user perspective, that might be cool. From the perspective of the
query engine developer, not so cool. Patches are welcome :-)


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