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From Thomas Mueller <muel...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: ContentSession.getCurrentRoot() is slow
Date Fri, 14 Sep 2012 08:52:02 GMT

>>About workspaces - I know we said we don't support workspaces currently,
>> but there still is ContentSession.getWorkspaceName(). Could we remove
>> method for now?

>Currently the workspace root and the repository root are the same
>thing, while we only support a single workspace. Once we get to adding
>support for multiple workspaces we need to define these semantics in
>more detail.

I know, but what about removing ContentSession.workspaceName for now? As
far as I see, it's used in the constructors of ContentSessionImpl and
RootImpl, and in some other places, but not really used. It would make the
code clearer to me.

>>About the class Root: is the data returned by this class filtered for the
>> ContentSessions access rights? I can't find that info in the Javadocs.
>Yes, access controls are applied to Root and everything you can access
>through it.

OK I will document that. I guess it's the same for the class Tree? What
about PropertyState? As far as I see, you can get such objects from a Tree
and in other ways - I guess access rights are only applied when using

>> If it is, maybe we could (later on) combine Root and ContentSession.
>The separation between ContentSession and Root was made to allow for
>directly persisted operations without the need to re-authenticate
>every time.

I think there is a misunderstanding. As far as I see, the ContentSession
does already contain the authentication information (getAuthInfo). I don't
see how combining Root and ContentSession would force you to

But I guess it's not the right time to discuss combining Root and
ContentSession. I guess we should wait with that until we know what to do
with workspaces.


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