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From Thomas Mueller <muel...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Internal content in Oak
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2012 09:29:50 GMT

>>> Š oak-http are the
>> > only complex direct Java clients of the Oak API
>> I thought Oak HTTP basically _is_ (very closely matches) the Oak API.
>That's why I qualified it with "to a lesser degree", which you didn't
>include in your quote above.

I guess this is an example where a direct discussion would be more
efficient than an email... I don't want to split a hair, but "to a lesser
degree complex" doesn't sound like "basically is" :-)

>>On the other hand, we seem to have features (for example the transient
>> space) that were originally planned for the client now implemented in
>> Core or even Oak MK (branch / merge). We should really discuss this.
>> See the list archives from around March and April for extensive
>discussions about how the changelog of a transient space is best
>The big point that people keep missing here is that we *need*
>a way to represent uncommitted changes inside oak-core, as otherwise
>like node type validation or other commit hooks are impossible. A remoting
>client can and should still batch the transient space on the client side,
>the API design explicitly allows that.

I see all layers need a way to represent uncommitted changes, even oak-mk
need keep things uncommitted for the duration of the commit method, but
ideally such a mechanism should be internal to each layer, so that method
calls that cross the layer boundaries are minimized.

Looking at method call traces I see now that in fact a JCR "Node.addNode"
call doesn't always result in a corresponding call in the MicroKernel, so
I guess my concern about the transient space might not be justified when
it comes to calls to the MicroKernel (even thought there are still quite a
lot of MicroKernel calls, and quite unexpected calls, for relatively
simple JCR operations).

As for calls between Oak JCR and Oak Core I can't comment.


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