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From Thomas Mueller <muel...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Updated Oak roadmap
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2012 11:58:17 GMT

I would prefer if the "Scalability and performance review" would start


On 6/28/12 1:43 PM, "Jukka Zitting" <jukka.zitting@gmail.com> wrote:

>We missed pushing the 0.3 release out a month ago, but let's fix that
>by cutting the release instead of 0.4 now at the turn of the month.
>And since we're reaching the end of the initial roadmap [1] we drafted
>in February, I think it's a good idea to now review where we are and
>outline some targets for the next few months.
>First a quick review of the originally outlined release milestones:
>* 0.1 - March 2012 - ALL DONE
>* 0.2 - April 2012 - PARTIALLY DONE, STILL MISSING:
>  * Basic in-cloud persistence
>  * Runnable jar with "join cluster" functionality
>  * Integration tests to verify the above
>* 0.3 (wasn't released) - May 2012 - ALL DONE
>* 0.4 (to be released as 0.3) - June 2012 - PARTIALLY DONE, STILL MISSING:
>  * Bindings for jQuery
>  * Basic support for access control based on the extension model
>  * Basic support for node types based on the extension model
>  * Basic support for observation based on the extension model
>  * Basic support for locking (if needed/wanted)
>  * Integration tests to verify the above
>  * Performance benchmark against selected other NoSQL databases
>  * Performance tests for clustered deployments
>  * Basic scalability tests for simple read and write scenarios
>We're making good progress on things like (basic versions of)
>observation and locking, so I guess we'll still be able to know a few
>of the above items by the end of the month before cutting the next
>release. However, a few items like clustered deployments or
>nice-to-have features like jQuery bindings need to be postponed to
>future releases.
>Below are a few initial ideas of what we should focus on going forward.
>* July 2012 (0.4)
>  - Increased coverage of core JCR functionality (node types,
>observation, security, etc.)
>  - Finish the JAAS authentication work
>  - Full text search based on Lucene
>  - Integration with Apache Sling
>* August 2012 (0.5)
>  - ACL-based access control
>  - XML and other batch import features
>  - Versioning, workspaces, etc.
>* September 2012 (0.6)
>  - Scalability and performance review
>  - Pass the TCK test of all the JCR features we want to support (i.e.
>JCR compliance)
>These are just from the top of my head for now as a discussion
>starter. Feel free to disagree with the timing and suggest changes.
>The main purpose here is to get a shared understanding of what are the
>key areas to work on in the next few months instead of setting hard
>[1] http://markmail.org/thread/7dhxklytr2xaoe24
>Jukka Zitting

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