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From Michael Dürig <mdue...@apache.org>
Subject Okathon May 2012 in Hamburg
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2012 12:44:47 GMT


As Jukka announced earlier, a couple of us met for a short Oak Hackathon 
in Hamburg last week. We mainly worked towards getting things ready for 
the upcoming 0.3 release [1] but also discusses some more fundamental 

- Node types and node type management: Implement as a plugin in oak-core 
which exposes a default value provider which oak-jcr can use to create 
default values (for example for the jcr:uuid property). The plugin 
further provides a commit hook for validating the values of auto created 
properties on save. For the time being we persist node types in CND format

- Same name siblings: Set 
node.type.management.same.name.siblings.supported to false. Define a 
marker mixin which can be used to mark nodes which support auto creating 
names for child nodes on collision. If on addNode(String) a node with 
the given name already exists, auto create an unique name and add the 
marker mixin. Open jsr/tck issue if necessary. Implementation as 
plugin/commit hook. Potentially implement the new JSR-333 interfaces for 
server-named nodes using an extension interface.

- Identifier handling: Leave things as they are right now (identifiers 
of non-referenceable nodes are not really stable). See OAK-101.

- Path handling: Split mapping operation into mapping and resolution; 
prepare to optimize that case where no session-local prefix remapping 
has happened. See OAK-61.

- Commit hooks:  Fully wired up now. See OAK-100.

- Authentication handling through JAAS LoginModules in OSGi: We'll use 
the approach outlined in http://markmail.org/thread/vsmsi4gndgcjn2q2 and 

- Workspace handling: Removed half baked support for workspaces: the 
default workspace is currently the only one. Items of the default 
workspace are now persisted directly under the Microkernel root node. 
See OAK-118.


[1] http://markmail.org/message/7dhxklytr2xaoe24

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