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From Julian Reschke <julian.resc...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: Query
Date Tue, 15 May 2012 13:20:45 GMT
On 2012-05-15 15:17, Thomas Mueller wrote:
> Hi,
>> The reason why I'm asking is that if we leave things as they are right
>> now, we won't notice regressions, because all of the tests are marked as
>> known failures. Thus, once the majority of functionality is there, we
>> should make the exclusions more fine-grained.
> I see. Yes, if you have time, that would be nice. The list is reasonably
> small now.


>>> One option is to use the 'public' oak-core API directly, that is to use
>>> SQL-2 statements.
>> We can try that, but we should make sure there's a single place in
>> oak-jcr then which constructs these queries.
> It probably makes sense to keep such internal queries together, that's
> true.
> Do you mean the SQL-2 statements should be generated in the code, possibly
> with some kind of SQL-2 statement builder (without hard-coding the SQL-2
> statement or at least parts of the statement)?
> Thinking about it again, I'm not completely sure if the current SQL-2
> syntax can support all the required features. How to formulate: any node
> with any property equal to x, where the property is of type y. We might
> need to extend the SQL-2 syntax...
> ...

Not sure what you are referring to here; the context was lookup by 
identifier. I would expect the query to be something like

   SELECT jcr:path WHERE jcr:uuid = ....

So the only thing to worry about might be quoting special characters in 

Best regards, Julian

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